Philippine Nurses Association of Central Florida 



Membership committee

Develops strategies to recruit and retain members.

Chairperson: Virginia Alagano

Education committee

Assess, identify, and implement continuing education programs

Chairperson: Manny Ramos

Fundraising committee

Plan and implement fundraising activities

Chairperson: Lerma Tongco

Awards committee

Review and select awardees for scholarship

Chairperson: Alice Tullo

Publication/Newsletter Committee

Publishes the newsletter of the Association

Chairperson: Rose Apostol

Community Outreach Committee

Organize outreach activities and community projects

Chairperson: Rosie Antequino

Events Committee

Plan, organize and implement various social activities

Chairperson: Noemi Reyes

Entertainment Committee

Plan, organize and implement activities to help increase membership

Chairperson: Cornelia Macapagal

Sunshine Committee

Contact via telephone or send cards for birthdays, anniversaries, get well wish and sympathy

Chairperson: Aurita Panggat