​​Philippine N​urses Association 

 of Central Florida 

Our Goals

Promote activities to unite Filipino-American Nurses in Central Florida
Network with professional organizations and agencies to develop and implement educational programs in nursing leadership, practice, education and research relevant to professional growth of its members and health care needs of the community.

As the official professional organization of the Filipino-American nurses in Central Florida, PNACF will uphold the positive image of nursing and welfare of its members, pursue professional excellence in educational programs, community health, outreach projects, and networking with other professionals while maintaining social, cultural, and humanitarian endeavors.


Our Misson

  • Privilege of Representation
  • Networking opportunities
  • Leadership Development
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Nursing Excellence Award
  • Scholarship and Research Awards
  • Access to legal counsel/advice
  • Opportunity to participate and represent community outreach programs

Agapito Sta Romana BSN, MAT 

A Message from the President

I am humbled and honored to assume the Presidency of the Philippine Nurses Association of Central Florida for 2022-2024. Even more humbled to be part of a noble nursing organization of 55 chapters with over 5,000 members across 43 States in North America.

It is a tradition of this organization to hear the newly inducted President of the organization speak about a platform, mantra, acronyms, and initialisms to capture the next term’s focus, direction, or overarching principles as a guidepost for the next two years.

For a start, let me acknowledge the platform of my predecessor Ms. Alice Tullo by continuing the ALICE by  Aligning our Leadership Initiatives thru Collaborative Engagements (ALICE.)  And ultimately, the current PNAA President 2022-2024, Gloria Lamela Briones, Ph.D., RN, NEA-BC, whose presence we are graced tonight, declares as her platform for her term: OUR UNITED VOICES: WE CARE: Wisdom, Excellence, Collaboration, Advocacy, Equity. 

Having been inspired, motivated, and guided by the above principles, let me name my operative words for my incoming term of 2022 -2024: ACT: Associate, Commit, Transform.  
ACT: Associate - Associate with us in the manner you find affinity and love for what we value as an organization.  Welcome us into your professional, social, and familial life. Ending the pandemic of isolationism, division, and distrust by affiliating with PNACF for the genuine cure for PANDEMIC is embracing the true calling of humanity: the formation of association- community. Commit: Remain with us with a sense of commitment bound by professionalism and friendship. Our commitment is not to any personality but to the value and mission PNACF espouses and promotes. Transform: Allow both of us to be transformed by the mission and vision of PNACF and PNAA.  However, transformation only happens after embracing and accepting ASSOCIATION and COMMITMENT. 

We are moving forward with pride and dedication that our founding leaders invested hard work, time, and efforts to continue and prosper the PNAA/PNACF legacy. So again, it will be the legacy and lasting contribution of Ghie Alagano, Rosie Antequino, Lorelie Perez, Manny Ramos, Noemi Reyes, and Alice Tullo to have placed PNA Central Florida on a map of collaborative engagement with other organizations around us and to this legacy I commit, value and uphold.

I place PNACF and PNAA under the Providential and Loving care of God, from whom all goodness comes and finds its fulfillment and fruition to a noble and altruistic end.


Sincerely yours,

Agapito Sta Romana BSN, MAT

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