​​Philippine Nurses Association

of Central Florida 

Our Goals

Promote activities to unite Filipino-American Nurses in Central Florida
Network with professional organizations and agencies to develop and implement educational programs in nursing leadership, practice, education and research relevant to professional growth of its members and health care needs of the community.

PNACF is a family...

As the official professional organization of the Filipino-American nurses in Central Florida, PNACF will uphold the positive image of nursing and welfare of its members, pursue professional excellence in educational programs, community health, outreach projects, and networking with other professionals while maintaining social, cultural, and humanitarian endeavors.


Welcome to our PNACF website.

My name is Alicia Tullo, and I am the President of the Philippine Nurses Association of Central Florida( www.pnacf.org) which we refer to, as the PNA-CF for the term 2020-2022.  I am immensely proud to present our organization as one of the 55 chapters, of the Philippine Nurses Association of America (www.mypnaa.org) with over 5,000+ members across 43 States. PNAA was founded in 1979, and PNACF was founded in 2003.

Representing the PNAA in the Central Florida area, our goal and mission as they appear on this website align with that at the National Level..

Our Misson

"I have been gifted with hard-working, responsible, and committed executive

board members. They have proven their organizational skills and


  • Privilege of Representation
  • Networking opportunities
  • Leadership Development
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Nursing Excellence Award
  • Scholarship and Research Awards
  • Access to legal counsel/advice
  • Opportunity to participate and represent community outreach programs


A Message from the President

This is an unprecedented time in history, when the World Health Organization declared 2020, Year of the Nurse and Midwives, which we did not anticipate turned up to be, the year of a pandemic. This challenge has taken up most of this year, and I fear it will extend to the next. This is as if, to test the courage, resilience, and compassion of nurses. Yet again, just like Filipino nurses cared for their patients in this country, during the nursing shortage, of the 70’s many of these same nurses came to their rescue 45 years later, except for a more deadly reason. My sincere appreciation to all my fellow nurses, who continue to fight for their patients at the frontlines.

As the current President of this organization, I am humbled, but at the same time I also feel very honored and privileged. I am grateful to be given this opportunity to lead, one of the best group of people, I have ever worked with. I will strive in every way, to be worthy of your confidence, and to fulfill my duties the best I can.

I am pleased to share with you my platform and the goals I have set for my presidency. As we have established ourselves solid as a team, I challenged my Executive Board to work with me on Aligning our Leadership Initiatives thru Collaborative Engagements (A.L.I.C.E.)

PNA of Central Florida has several strengths to build upon. Keeping true to our mission statement, we already offer continuing education programs, award scholarships, fund charitable endeavors, and provide leadership training. However, there is a need to strengthen and improve our existing partnerships with other organizations as well as build new ones. At the same time, we will align our initiatives to that at the national level of S.P.A.R.K. (Stories of People, Achievement, Resilience and Kindness). To achieve this, we will launch and encourage journaling and create an archive of our accomplishments.

To ensure that all the hard work, time and efforts invested by our founding leaders continue to thrive, and ensure the PNAA/PNACF legacy, we must bridge gaps and reach out to the untapped markets. Success requires that we reposition our business and actively invest in the new, while ensuring room to grow and progress.

PNA Central Florida will strive to build bridges to the external supporters, who would be critical to our success, such as donors, other leaders, and lawmakers. We will develop collaborative partnerships, as it requires different sectors and actors working together, in an integrated manner, by pooling financial resources, knowledge, and expertise.

With concerted effort, I would like PNACF to be recognizable in our community, not only among Filipino nurses but all nurses, and other healthcare organizations, and educational institutions. I aspire to have members prepared, and ready to occupy leadership positions within our organization, by increasing participation in the PNAA’s iLeadership Development Program, in addition to our chapter’s annual leadership workshops. We will strive to afford to send current officers, (and aspiring leaders), to the regional, national, and global PNAA conferences, by improving our finances thru fund raising activities and sponsorships.

We encourage all nurses to become members of PNACF. Increasing memberships, participation, and engagement, will be ongoing aspirations, because they ensure existence. PNACF has varying levels of memberships to attract diversity. One does not have to be of Philippine heritage to become a member.

Lastly, as listed in our goals, we will address the need to get involved in legislation, thru the Florida Nurses Association, and/or participation in legislative sessions. Today, more than ever, as we continue to forge ahead, in caring for the sick and the infirmed, we must have a louder voice to be heard.

I have been gifted with hard-working, responsible, and committed executive board members. They have proven their organizational skills and teamwork, when we hosted two South Central Regional Conferences, and the 38th National Convention, aboard the cruise ship Oasis of the Seas, and sailed the Eastern Caribbean in 2017, during the term of President Dino Doliente, III at the National level, and Manny Ramos at the local level. The PNACF has consistently received the Team Spirit award over the years.

My predecessors Ghie Alagano, Rosie Antiqueno, Lorelie Perez, Manny Ramos and Noemi Reyes have set good examples and are role models whose work is a joy and an honor to continue. At the same time, their achievements have posed high expectations and goals of my own term; now that I must carry on.

Having had these strong leaders, and committed members behind me, I am confident, we will be able to achieve, what we set out to do. So, to my Executive Board, please know that I need your continued support, commitment, and time.  I am counting on our collective strengths, and the possibilities that we can achieve, as we continue to aspire for greatness, in our own little world.

I am pleased to move forward with the best team, one could ever dream of. I pray that God will continue to bless all nurses, the unsung heroes, with courage, strength, and compassion. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.


Alicia Tullo, MSN, RN, CPC

President, PNA of Central Florida

Please take the time to read about our activities, accomplishments, and goals. You may send your inquiries and comments to:

Manny Ramos, Executive Director, mramos45@valenciacollege.edu

Lorelie Perez, Corresponding Secretary,  lst830perez@aol.com

Ghie Alagano, Advisory Council, valagano@yahoo.com

Rose Antequino, Advisory Council, beachrt@yahoo.com

Noemi Reyes, Advisory Council, ndr866@gmail.com

Aga Sta.Romana, Vice President, agapitosr@gmail.com

Alicia Tullo, President, profatullo@gmail.com