Membership Committees

As the needs of its members evolved and community needs increased 9 committees were established:

Membership committee

Develops strategies to recruit and retain members.

Chairpersons: Rebecca Medina & Alexis del Fonzo

Education committee

Assess, identify, and implement continuing education programs

Chairperson: Manny Ramos

Fundraising committee

Plan and implement fundraising activities

Chairperson: Lerma Tongco

Awards committee

Review and select awardees for scholarship.

Chairperson: Alice Tullo

Publication/Newsletter Committee

Publishes the newsletter of the Association
Editor-In-Chief: Rose Apostol

Community Outreach Committee

Organize outreach activities and community projects

Chairperson: Rosie Antequino

Program Committee

Plan, organize and implement various social activities.

Chairpersons: Noemi Reyes & Cornelia Macapagal

Sunshine Committee

Contact via telephone or send cards for birthdays, anniversaries, get well wish and sympathy.
Chairperson: Aurita Panggat


Since its revival, PNACF continues to flourish and has celebrated many awards including the 2013 first place award in PNAA SCR Team Recognition Award, and three of its members received the most coveted PNAA Leadership Scholars Program. With its strength, PNACF also identified opportunities for growth hence the birth of annual leadership development in 2010. Since its inception and with the creative minds of its Education committee, the conferences were held in variety of venues including camps, a cruise and the traditional hotel convention hall. 

Philippine Nurses Association of Central Florida