​​Philippine N​urses Association 

 of Central Florida 


By Merlene M. Ferrer

UKAY-UKAY is derived from Tagalog verb " HALUKAY " which means to dig through or sift through. In Ilocano " WAGWAGAN " meaning to sift through and in Spanish " SEGUNDA MANO " which means secondhand. It originated in Baguio City and in Cebu City and now spread throughout the country. The concept of UKAYUKAY is buying secondhand or used things such as clothing, shoes, accessories and some other stuff at a meager and bargained price. Surprisingly, a lot of these things are imported from outside the country, which attracts the younger generation even more with the colonial mentality “imported " and those with the fashion inclinations. Another wisdom about this is in line with the bible verse in 2 Corinthians 8:14 - " at the present time what is your ABUNDANCE is the DEFICIENT of others " meaning that those in abundance will want to get rid of their surpluses, in which those that are in need will willingly take it to meet their needs. PNACF (Philippine Nurse Association of Central Florida) has our UKAY-UKAY Corner yearly at the Fiesta Mo Sa Florida in Heritage Park Kissimmee, Florida. Members just donated their "used" and "not being used things" in their homes for this purpose. We then display them attractively in our booth and persuade people to buy for a GOOD CAUSE. We had raised some hundreds of dollars this year. The proceeds are dedicated to supporting our Association's Cancer Network Project and in any way that PNACF can serve the community.