​​Philippine N​urses Association 

 of Central Florida 


The Philippine Nurses Association of Central Florida (PNACF) is a civic, non-profit, non-sectarian and non-partisan organization based in Orlando, Florida. PNACF was founded in 2001 by a group of local prominent Filipino nurses for a sense of belonging and social networking. Initially it had 32 members, with Cecille Lim as its founding president. The first set of officers were inducted by the founding president of the PNAA Clarita Miraflor.

PNACF was the first Filipino association in Central Florida to hold a festival in Lake Eola. It initiated the Philippine Independence Day celebration with a walking and mobile parade downtown with their muses in top down cars. On its second year the PNACF hosted the PNAA South Central Region Conference. After 4 years PNACF went into hiatus.

In 2009, PNACF was revived with a new set of Executive Board. Virginia Alagano served as its president. This time the focus was establishing PNACF as a professional organization. The by- laws were revised to meet the new mission and goals. In 2010, PNACF officially became the 38th chapter of Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA) and the 12th chapter of PNA South Central Region. The official newsletter ECHO was launched in 2009 and gets published twice a year. The official website, PNACF.org was created in 2010.

PNACF has three official categories for membership: Active, Honorary and Lifetime members. Currently, there are 70 active members, 26 honorary members which include 11auxiliary members and 10 nursing students; and 48 lifetime members (12 are active members).

As the needs of its members evolved and community needs increased 9 committees were established. (See Committees).

Since its revival PNACF continues to flourish and has celebrated many awards including 2013 first place award in PNAA SCR Team Recognition Award, and three of its members received the most coveted PNAA Leadership Scholars Program. With its strength, PNACF also identified opportunities for growth hence the birth of annual leadership development in 2010. Since its inception and with the creative minds of its Education committee, the conferences were held in variety of venues including camps, a cruise and the traditional hotel convention hall.

If you want to become a member of PNACF or you want to become involved in its activities or need information on its current and past activities, please see our website, PNACF.org or follow us in Facebook or e-mail us at delfonzo.alexis@gmail.com.