​​Philippine N​urses Association 

 of Central Florida 


The PNACF conducted a SWOT analysis in 2012 and discovered one of its opportunities was leadership development. Hence the inception of an annual and creative. retreat. Every year, PNACF invites distinguished leaders to educate and train its members at various locations. The locations are meticulously chosen for inspiration, motivation, and engagement. Some of the venues in the past have been campsites, cruises, and hotels.

The leadership development consists of team building activities and games focused on new leader development, delegation, project management, coaching, mentoring, networking, empowerment, communication and problem solving.

One of the successes of PNACF leadership development was to provide a platform for the attendees to develop  their self confidence in public speaking. They are exposed in a non-judgmental environment , which inspires them to take on more leadership roles including the president post within the organization