SECTION 1. President

  • Shall perform the duties of presiding officer at all regular and special meetings of PNACF and is an ex-officio member of a committee.
  • Shall represent the PNACF at meetings and functions of other organizations or designates an alternate if not available.
  • Has the same rights as the other committee members.
  • Shall be the over-all managing director of administration, production, finance, marketing, operational, quality, and other aspects of the organization.

SECTION 2. President-Elect

  • Shall serve on behalf and capacity of the President when absent or unable to serve.
  • In the event of resignation or incapacity of the President, automatically becomes President for the unexpired term.
  • Performs other duties as delegated by the President or the Executive Board.

SECTION 3. Recording Secretary

  • Shall record all minutes of the meetings and responsible for all records of the organization
  • Shall help the President prepare the agenda before each meeting
  • Shall file all minutes of the meeting after each meeting
  • Shall transcribe concisely and accurately the minutes and send a copy to the President for review and attendees of the meeting after approval by the President.

SECTION 4. Corresponding Secretary

  • Shall notify officers and members of the date, time, and place of each meeting
  • Conduct the incoming and outgoing correspondence for PNACF.  
  • Shall keep a copy of every communication sent out and communications received
  • Shall consult the President in regard to answering communications
  • Shall send all official notices to members, including notices of regular and special meetings.
  • Shall perform the duties of the Recording Secretary in his / her absence. The corresponding secretary is the link to the community and associations correspondence.

SECTION 5. Treasurer

  • Shall be the custodian of the PNACF funds
  • Shall collect and keep an accurate account of the receipts and expenditures
  • Executes appropriate banking transactions as designated by the Executive Board
  • Issues checks of PNACF for purposes approved by the President
  • Shall present a proposed budget to the executive council for approval, then present to the association’s first meeting of the year for adoptions
  • Presents financial records for examination by the auditors
  • Acts as chairperson of the Finance Committee
  • Shall make disbursements following an approved budget as authorized by the executive council.
  • Shall be responsible for the filing, registration of the corporation, and filing of documents and taxes as required by law.
  • The physical address of PNACF shall be the address of the current treasurer.

SECTION 6. Assistant Treasurer

  • Processes membership applications and keeps accurate records of receipts and membership dues.
  • Sends out membership renewal forms to members
  • Keeps on file accurate membership roster
  • Forwards monies received, and corresponding reports to the treasurer
  • Acts as chairperson of the Membership Committee
  • Assumes other functions delegated by the treasurer with the approval of the Executive Board, and acts in the absence or incapacity of the treasurer.

SECTION 7. Public Relations Officer (PRO)

  • Shall be responsible for the association’s news releases, promotions, and advertisements of all activities and functions.
  • Shall be the Chair of the Communications Committee

SECTION 8. Auditor

  • Shall be responsible for the annual audit of all financial records of the Association and prepares the Income-tax form and files it with the U. S. Internal Revenue Service.

SECTION 9. Advisory Council

  • Shall comprise of past presidents who completed their term of service.  

SECTION 10. Board Members

  • Support and guide the executive board’s plans, decisions, and projects. 

SECTION 11. Executive Director

As designated by the Executive Board or President shall:

  • Work with the various standing committees
  • Enhance the status of PNACF with the national and international nursing communities
  • Implement other decisions of the Executive Board and execute the job description as spelled out in the Bylaws.
  • Shall coordinate with the Executive Board for the development and implementation of programs

SECTION 12. Parliamentarian:

  • Interprets the Robert’s Rules of Order, and items of the bylaws during meetings.
  • Serves as the chair of the Bylaws Committee. 



As the official professional organization of the Filipino-American nurses in Central Florida, PNACF will uphold the positive image of nursing and welfare of its members, pursue professional excellence in educational programs, community health, outreach projects, and networking with other professionals while maintaining social, cultural, and humanitarian endeavors.


The goals of PNACF shall include, but are not limited to:

  • Unify Filipino-American Nurses in Central Florida.
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate programs in nursing leadership, practice, education, and research relevant to the professional growth of its members and healthcare needs of the community.
  • Facilitate professional and cultural adjustment of newly immigrated Filipino nurses in the USA, Filipino-American nursing students, and Filipino-American graduate nurses through collaboration with agencies and organizations in the USA and the Philippines.
  • Participate in activities with professional organizations and agencies in the community.
  • Review and act on legislation and public policies which directly and indirectly affect healthcare and nursing practices.
  • Raise funds for scholarship and charitable endeavors.
  • Advocate for PNACF members. 


SECTION 1. Amendment of bylaws shall be submitted for consideration from any member of PNACF at least 90 days the General Assembly.

 SECTION 2. Any provisions of these Bylaws may be amended or repealed by a majority vote by the Executive Board.

SECTION 3. Amendments will be presented via email to active and associate members 30 days before the General Assembly.

SECTION 4. The amended By-Laws shall become effective upon ratification by the general assembly

SECTION 5. Procedural documents will be attached to the Bylaws and will be entitled Annex.

The PNACF BY-LAWS reviewed and revised by:

Virginia Alagano RN BSN – PNACF President 2009.

Approved by Executive Officers and Board of Directors 04-23-2009

The word Incorporated was added to the name of the organization and approved by majority of General Members 10-25-2009.
PNACF is a local chapter member of PNAA was added to Article I and submitted to PNAA By-laws Chair 02-08-2010.
PNACF By-laws reviewed, revised, and approved by the members of the Advisory Council, Board of Directors, and Executive Board on 10-09-2010.

Approved by General Members on 11-06-2010.

PNACF By-laws reviewed, revised, and approved by the members of the Advisory Council, Board of Directors, and Executive Board on September 15, 2012.

Approved by General Members on October 13, 2012.

PNACF By-laws reviewed, revised, and approved by the members of the Advisory Council, Board of Directors and Executive Board on October 25, 2014

Approved by general members on November 1, 2014.

PNACF Bylaws reviewed, revised, and approved by the members of the Advisory Council, Board of Directors, and Executive Board on October 24, 2015.

Approved by general members on October 24, 2015.

PNACF Bylaws reviewed, revised, and approved by the members of the Advisory Council, Board of directors, and Executive Board on September 3, 2016. Approved by General members on October 22, 2016.
Proposed amendments to PNACF bylaws reviewed and approved by Executive Board, March 17, 2018.Approved by the general members on________________________________________
PNACF Bylaws reviewed, revised and approved by the members of the Executive Board on March 16, 2019.

Notate the changes of the Bylaws in this SECTION


SECTION 1. The official newsletter of PNACF is the TAMBULI

SECTION 2. The TAMBULI shall be published at least two (2) times per year.

SECTION 3. The official website of PNACF is

SECTION 1. The Philippine Nurses Association of Central Florida is a civic, non-profit, non- sectarian, and non-partisan organization based in Orlando, Florida.

SECTION 2. The democratic process and majority rule shall prevail in all of the acts and proceedings of PNACF. Robert’s rules of order shall govern in all cases not covered by these bylaws.

SECTION 3.  PNACF renounces animosity and undesirable competition against existing associations and shall, therefore, adopt a policy of unity and cooperation.

SECTION 4. PNACF abides by the supremacy of all federal and state laws as well as local laws over all its activities.




SECTION 1. Executive Board:

The governing body of PNACF shall be the Executive Board, which consists of all officers.

SECTION 2. The officers of PNACF shall consist of a President, President-elect, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Auditor, Board Members, Executive Director, Parliamentarian, and the Advisory Council.

SECTION 3. The appointed officers of PNACF shall consist of the Executive Director and Parliamentarian. The appointed officers are designated by the President and approved by the Executive Board.

SECTION 4. The Advisory Council shall consist of the past Presidents of PNACF.

SECTION 5. Refer to Annex I for Rules and Guidelines for Nomination and Election of Officers.

 SECTION 6. All officers shall perform their duties as outlined in these Bylaws. Upon expiration of the term of office, or in case of resignation, each officer shall turn over all records, books, funds, and other pertinent materials without delay to the President and Treasurer.

SECTION 7. All Officers should attend at least 50% of scheduled meetings and events.

SECTION 8. Vacancies:  

A vacancy that occurs in an elected office of PNACF due to inability or ineligibility of the incumbent to perform duties of the office, or the incumbent’s removal from the office shall be filled in the following manner:

President: President-Elect shall assume office.
President-Elect: The President, with the approval of the Executive Board, will appoint an individual to fill the position.
Recording Secretary: The Corresponding Secretary shall assume the office.
Treasurer: The Assistant Treasurer shall assume office.
Any member that fills any vacancy shall serve for the remainder of the term.
The Executive Board shall nominate and approve vacancies



SECTION 1. Membership in PNACF is a privilege and is contingent upon compliance with the requirements in these Bylaws.

SECTION 2. Classification of membership in PNACF are:

  • Active member:  A nurse of Philippine ethnic origin who has paid the required membership dues to PNACF/PNAA.
  • Associate member: A nurse of non-Philippine ethnic origin who has paid the required membership dues to PNACF/PNAA.
  • Other members:
  1. Honorary member: A person to whom honorary membership is conferred by a majority vote of the Executive Board for distinguished service or valuable assistance to the nursing profession and towards achieving the goals of PNACF.
  2. Student nurse: A nursing student who is actively involved with PNACF.
  3. Lifetime Member:

                 - Awarded to all past presidents who are actively involved in at least 50%   of the scheduled meetings/events of PNACF. They receive complimentary annual   membership at the chapter and national levels.

                - Awarded to members who paid PNACF lifetime membership fee before 2009.

SECTION 3. Representation / Privileges:

  • Active members are eligible to hold elective office or chair a committee and exercise a delegate power.
  • Associate members shall have all the rights and privileges of an active member except hold an elective office, chair a committee, or serve as a delegate to the annual or other special meetings.
  • Honorary members have a voice and may serve as subject matter experts and resource consultants in areas of nursing expertise. Honorary members do not have voting or delegate power.
  • All members shall be eligible for scholarship, awards, recognition, and other benefits, as determined by the Executive Board.

SECTION 4. Ethical Standards / Disqualification of Members:

  • By a majority vote, the Executive Board may censure or expel a member for cause, provided there was a due process hearing at which the member was permitted to defend himself/herself.
  • Any member may be removed from the membership roster for:
  1. Violation of the PNACF bylaws.
  2. Acts of errors and omissions detrimental to the goals of PNACF.
  3. Failure and continuous refusal to pay membership fees.
  4. Submission of a formal written request to withdraw membership from PNACF.
  • Any member suspended or expelled may be reinstated by a majority vote of the Executive Board after such member has submitted an application and paid dues and assessments.
  • Personal data of members should be treated confidentially and shared only to members with their consent.

SECTION 5. Dues and Funds:

  • The Executive Board shall determine annual membership dues.
  • PNACF/PNAA annual dues should be paid on the anniversary date of membership.
  • PNACF shall pay the annual PNAA/PNACF membership of the past PNACF presidents. Honorary members and student nurse members are exempted from paying annual membership dues.
  • In support of its objectives, PNACF may collect fees from its members, solicit and accept donations and may hold fundraising activities not contrary to law or public policy.
  • Properties or funds collected or received for or on behalf of PNACF shall belong to PNACF and shall be used solely for the fulfillment of the mission and goals of PNACF. 






SECTION 1. Duties of the Executive Board

  • Directs the business and financial affairs of the association.
  • Establishes the Association’s administrative policies.
  • Fosters growth and development of the Association.
  • Authorizes the formulation and awarding of contracts.
  • Reviews recommendations of the President and determines the action be taken.
  • Reviews recommendations of the Executive Director and determines the action.
  • Reviews committee reports and determines the action to be taken on the recommendation.
  • Suspends or expels members of the Association for due cause.
  • Fills all vacancies of the Executive Board unless otherwise specified by the Bylaws.
  • Authorizes the representation and participation of the Association in activities other than the non-profit operations and functions of the association.
  • Reviews and authorizes publications proposed by any member as they may affect the representation of the philosophy, prerogatives, and image of the association.
  • Performs such other duties and exercises authority as prescribed in these Bylaws.

SECTION 2. Official Signatories

To ensure transparency and integrity of the disbursement of funds, there must be four signatories from the Executive Board, namely: Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, President, and Executive Director. In the absence of the treasurer, any signatory may issue a check. Also, any signatory may randomly check the bank account at any time.        

SECTION 3. Compensation

The elected and appointed officers shall not receive, nor shall they be entitled to compensation or salary for serving on the Executive Board.

SECTION 4. Removal from Office

  • The absence of officers and members of the Executive Board in 50 % of the scheduled meetings shall be ground for termination from office after the Executive Board validates the justification for absence.
  • Executive Board members whose behavior is injurious to PNACF shall be removed from office.
  • Officer will be advised of the charges and given 30 days to respond. A hearing process will be afforded upon receipt and appear before the Executive Board. Failure of the member to respond before the Executive Board will automatically result in default judgment.
  • Termination needs 2/3 of the vote of the Executive Board for violating the Bylaws, misconduct, or neglect of duty.

    “Executive Board members are ambassadors of the Association and can therefore be removed from office if his/her behavior is injurious to the organization.”









​​Philippine N​urses Association 

 of Central Florida 

The name of the organization shall be the Philippine Nurses Association of Central Florida, Inc., hereinafter referred to as the PNACF.

 PNACF is a local chapter of the Philippine Nurses Association of America, Inc. (PNAA).





SECTION 1. The standing committees of this Association shall be:

  • Awards
  • Bylaws
  • Communications
  • Community Outreach
  • Education
  • Membership
  • Nominations and Elections (NOMELEC)
  • Program
  • Sunshine
  • Ways & Means (changed from Fundraising Committee)
  • Ethics

SECTION 2. The President shall appoint the chairs of the standing committees from the executive board. The committee shall consist of a Chairperson and at least two other members.

SECTION 3. Committee responsibilities shall be as follows:


  • Publishes the qualifications and criteria for awards
  • Reviews and analyzes the applications of the candidates,
  • Makes the selection of awardees and recommends it to the Executive Board.
  • Evaluates the efficacy and efficiency of awards procedures and results.


  • Publishes the newsletter of the Association.
  • Maintains the website of PNACF.
  • Disseminates information regarding programs and activities.

Community Outreach:

  • Plans and organizes outreach activities to connect PNACF members with the communities that we serve.
  • Responsible for keeping the general public informed of the various community services of PNACF.


  • Plans, implements, and evaluates the educational program to meet membership needs.
  • Acts as a resource in developing and implementing educational programs.
  • Continuously assesses, identifies, and implements educational programs and needs of the Association.


  • Develops strategies to promote organizational growth in membership and recruitment.
  • Receives, reviews, and coordinates the approval of applications for new membership.
  • Coordinates the renewal of membership.
  • Maintains and evaluates the membership roster of PNACF.


  • Plans and organizes events aimed at bringing PNACF members together to strengthen camaraderie, promote professionalism, and advance education.
  • Coordinates with the various committees in planning and implementing activities to increase, sustain membership, and increase member engagement.
  • Promotes networking with other organizations in the community.
  • Responsible for the preparations and implementation of entertainment during PNACF programs and activities.


  • Spread joy and happiness into the hearts and souls of PNACF members.
  • Stay in touch with PNACF members and being there when needed.

Ways & Means:

  • Develops and maintains fundraising strategies to generate funds for PNACF.
  • Implements fundraising initiatives to secure sponsorship packages from various resources.


  • Receives and reviews proposals for amendments of the bylaws annually.  
  • Recommends the proposed amendments of the bylaws for approval of the Executive Board.

Nominations and Elections (NOMELEC)

  • Refer to Annex 1. Rules and Regulations for Nominations and Elections of Officers.


  • Establishes ethical standards and rules of conduct for PNACF.
  • Provides mechanism and recommends actions to resolve ethical conflicts and issues presented to PNACF.
  • Strengthens ethical leadership behaviors by transparency in decision-making.
  • Addresses ethical concerns reported involving chapters/members.

SECTION 4. The standing committee chairpersons shall present an annual budget and timeline of activities by February 28th for approval by the Executive Board.

SECTION 5. Refer to Annex II for the Policies and Procedures of each committee.