Through the sponsorship of PNACF families are given medical and dental care in remote areas in the Philippines at least once a year through the use of a mobile clinic.

On December 4 2012, Typhoon Pablo (international name Bopha) made landfall over the Philippine island of Mindanao. More than 44,437 families were evacuated in Mindanao and in the Visayas Region, Central Philippines.

Despite advanced warnings and preparations by communities against the tropical cyclone, Pablo exacted heavy damage in Mindanao with 459 deaths, 532 missing and 4.17 billion pesos worth of damage to infrastructure and agriculture. 

Heavy rains brought by typhoon Pablo spawned floods that carried eroded gravel, sand and boulders from the mountains.

Barangay Andap, in New Bataan, was overwhelmed by a rapid downward moving mass of material composed of boulders, gravel and sand and fluid as wet cement.

The slideshow above shows activities by SPC Reaching Out to Typhoon Pablo Victims  immediately after the typhoon hit Barangay Andap and until this time while people are still recovering from such tragedy.

The PNACF contributed $1000 per year for a minimum of 2 years from July 2019-March 2022 to help rebuild Barangay Andap.

Before the program, only 13 out 18 pupils or 72% have NORMAL weights.
However, after the program, 17 out of 18 or 94% of pupils have achieved the NORMAL weights.
Thus, there is a remarkable increase of 22% of pupils benefiting the feeding program based on the data. 

Based on the pupils’ attendance and academic performance, the feeding program had a significant effect to the academic performance of the pupils. All of the 18 (100%) pupils who are beneficiaries of the feeding program got  positive results of their grades.

Rebuilding Communities in Barangay Andap

New Bataan, Compostela

What was once the center of Barangay Andap in New Bataan, Compostela Valley province became a new riverbed with an estimated width of nearly a kilometer stretching up to eight kilometers down to the town proper. 

Typhoon Pablo brought flashflood in this town  leaving over a hundred persons killed and hundreds still missing (Mindanews) 

Barangay Andap is gone, buried in a pile of rocks the size of boulders 

By: Alice Tullo, MSN, RN

Typhoon Pablo (Bopha) Relief Efforts

​​Philippine N​urses Association 

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